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Date [ 2015-06-15, 11:05 ]

A new way to keep those pesky mosquitoes away.

(Kuala Lumpur=Koreanpress) RamaniRathir=So you want to be free from the buzzing sound of mosquitoes or not have them bite you? Then you will probably reach out for an insect spray or light up a mosquito coil. There is also the mosquito mat which is electrically lit.

But now there is a revolutionary way of keeping mosquitoes at bay – by using your mobile phone.

Mobile solutions developer, New Wave Communications Sdn. Bhd. has the Kil-Dengue! This is a revolutionary mobile application designed to repel disease transmitting mosquitoes by generating sound waves that pushes the mosquitoes away.Malaysia is the first country to have the Kil-Dengue application, after which it will be introduced to other Southeast Asian countries.

Mr.John Sung, Chairman of New Wave Communications said,” This application had been in South Korea for some time now. But when it was brought to Malaysia, it did not work as we found out a different sound wave was required to repel mosquitoes in Malaysia. We decided to develop and test it at the Institute for Medical Research (IMR). This was to ensure that the right frequency was used to effectively repel dengue transmitting mosquitoes.”

It took three years of detailed research before it was ready to be released on the market. The main vector responsible for transmitting viruses that cause dengue is the aegypt mosquito. When the IMR carried out the tests, it found the frequency formulation effectively repelled more than 75% of the aegypt mosquitoes.

Most Malaysians are not aware the country has different strains of mosquitoes and different levels of dengue fever. In 2014, there was a dramatic rise in the number of reported dengue cases and which has continued till today. In the first quarter of 2015 there were 32,535 reported cases and 101 deaths. This represented a 37% increase in the number of cases and more than double the fatality in the same period in 2014. Malaysia’s Ministry of Health has stated that a total of 108,698 dengue cases were reported in 2014, exceeding the 100,000 mark for the first time and representing a 151% increase from 2013. The Minister of Health, Dr.Subramaniam said,”The outbreaks throughout the year were the worst in our national history, claiming a total of 213 lives.”

Thus there is a real case of the need to protect Malaysians from dengue and the appearance of Kil-Dengue mobile application is certainly timely. It has been specifically developed and tested to effectively repel the Aedes aegypt mosquitoes, the main vector responsible for transmitting viruses that cause dengue.

Dr.Hidayutul Fathi Othman, Associate Professor (Parasitology & Entomology) Faculty of Health Sciences, University Kebangsaan Malaysia, revealed that, “The Aedes vector mosquitoes are often found along the local mosquito population. What is more frightening is that the Aedes aegypt strain makes up about 90% of the mosquitoes found in homes. In other words, the favourite place of breeding for the aedes aegypt is in YOUR VERY OWN HOME.” 

She further explained, ”Aedes aegypt mosquitoes transmit dengue virus as they bite. But this is only done by fertilised female  mosquitoesto obtain protein from human blood to feed the eggs in her body. As thay are already fertilised, they now try to avoid mating with male mosquitoes.”

This particular characteristic of the female mosquito has been used to advantage by New Wave Communications. Ms. Dorothy Yap, Head of Mobile Apps. explained, “In accordance to the Aedes aegypt female mosquitoes’behaviour, the application was developed to reproduce the male mosquitoes flying frequencies to repel the female mosquitoes. Tests showed an effectiveness of more than 75% of this vector.” She disclosed, “Ourfrequency has avery low or inaudible volume to human ears. But it has the right pitch that effectively repels the Aedes aegypt mosquitoes.

Users must also be aware the frequency may have to be changed according to where they are. A low frequency may be adequate for use at home, but take it outside, say to a restaurant, then the frequency will have to be increased. This can easily be done by just raising the volume of the application.

Kil-Dengue is now available on-line and can be downloaded easily. “You can activate the frequency whenever and wherever you need it, even in places that do not receive telecommunication signals. The results are immediate,” assured Ms.Yap.

The application supports both Android and IOS platforms. Just search for ‘Kil-Dengue’ in both App store and Play Store. Once it appears, just download it and start your subscription. Kil-Dengue is a onetime subscription based mobile application. The current charge is RM10.00 for the subscription with Android mobile devices. It is USD2.99 for IOS mobile devices. Payment will be deducted directly from your App store or Play Store account. To subscribe, you must ensure your Google or Apple account is tied to our credit or debit card.


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