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Date [ 2015-10-03, 05:42 ]

An innovative seeding machine makes this possible.

The innovative macjinery at work.(Cr)MArina

(Kuala Lumpur =Koreanpress) Azman Zakaria = Kenaf seeds as well as other seedlings such as corn can now be planted in an economical, easier and organized way and faster with the use of a pneumatic seeding machine.

Only one seed is dropped into each ground slot while the soil is tilled by the machine which works very fast, thus saving the number of seedlings used compared to the use of a normal machine which puts at least three seeds in just one hole.

The use of this machine enables planting to be carried out in a sprawling area of 1.7 hectare per day without the use of extensive manual labour.

Researchers at Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) started developing this machine in 2010, and completing it by 2012. A test run on the use of the machine in the planting of kenaf was carried out that year at the University Agricultre Park (TPU). It proved to be a success. The machine, developed at a cost of RM28, 000, is now being patented.

Head of UPM Smart Farming Technology Research Centre, Prof. Ir. Dr. Desa Ahmad said the machine is tractor-mounted, and includes a four-row unit planter mounted on a toolbar or chassis, spaced at 30-75 cm from each other.

The furrow opener is adjustable. Ridges and furrows are made by the four furrowers into which the seeds are planted.

The rows for planting kenaf seed are preferably spaced apart at predetermined intervals of 30 cm while for corn, the distance can go up to 75 cm. The metering plate varies in size, depending on the size of the kenaf, corn or garlic.
seeds to be planted.

“What is so special about this machine is that it can drop and plant a seed in four rows simultaneously. Therefore, planting in a straight row can be done faster. This will save time and cost as there is no need to use that many workers,” Dr.Desa said.

He also informed kenaf seeds in the special seeds tank will be evenly channeled onto the distribution plate seeds before they are sucked by the vacuum fan. Subsequently, the seeds will be dropped in the ground slot or furrow before the soil is tilled, compressed and evenly leveled by the iron plate at the bottom of the machine. The doctor added that efforts are being made with the help of the agricultural industry to develop more of such machines for kenaf plantations.

This innovation won a gold medal at the Design and Innovation Research Exhibition (PRPI) 2012.

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