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Date [ 2015-10-08, 05:04 ]

Examining the sculotures on Orchard Road.

(Singapore=Koreanpress) Jun Boon-Hwa = Orchrad Raod is known the world over as the place to shop when in Singapore. Few would assocaite it with Art or rather scu;ptures. Take a walk along this shopping mecca, and enjoy art for free. Best to do it early in the morning, before the shops open and the crowds flood the place.

A good start can be made outside the St.Regis Hotel. Dragon-Riding Bodhissattva cannot be missed as its simply huge size draws attention immeadiately. The work of Taiwanese Li Chen, his work is now associated with the hotel.

In fact the St.regis has an impressive art collection of well over 80 pieces with the Bodhissattva being one of them. The wife of the hotel owner, Cecilia Kwek Leng Beng, took upon herself to start collecting art. Works from Botero, Joan Mir, Marc Chagall and other luminaries of the arts were installed.  It took her nearly six years before she felt she had a good enough collection for viewing, This happened in 2007 and since then these art pieces have never failed to impress or become conversation highlights.

Do not just view the outdoor art works. Step into the hotel lobby where another Li Chen master creation stands by the entrance. Then there are another dozen by the pool. You will be certainly enlightened.

Spread across Singapore are the works of Ng Eng Teng, known as the Godfather of Singapore’s Sculptures. Here on the top end of Orchard Road sits Mother and Child. This sculpture has the Angus Steak House as its backdrop. Though it was erected in 1980, it was only moved to its current location in 2008.Often dealing with issues of identity, bonding, relationships and other human emotions he died in 2001,

Looking quite futuristic and sort of leaping away is an unnamed sculpture in front of the entrance to the Paragon. Sun Yu Li has managed to give movement to innate forms and you would expect, sooner or later they are all going to jump out and disappear down the road.

Long before public art and sculptures became de rigeur, the Hilton was several steps ahead. As the first five-star hotel to be built on Orchrad Road it also pasted sculptures on its façade. This was in 15 panels and was done by artist Geraed D’Alton Henderson. The panel runs some 4,000 sq. ft. and has  a mix of motifs and forms that are regional in nature.

After which bring the eyes down to the garden in front of the hotel where you should notice two figures. These are Qin Shu Bao and Wei Chi Jing De. As guardians of doorways, it is only fitting  that they stand before the lobby entrance with their double edged swords

From the traditional to the modern is Urban People by Swiss sculptor Kurt Laurenz Metzler  He captures what everyday people do – raeding a newspaper, going shopping or hurrying to an appoinmment. What you and I would do in a normal day. Do not miss his plaque where Metzler states, ”My sculptures tell stories with amused irony, they converse, they become alive and they turn into theatre.” Make your way to ION Orchard where you will find these ‘ordinary people’ waiting for you.

So the next time you get tired of museums, amusement parks and even shopping, just take a stroll down Orcahrd Road. It could prove to be fruitful indeed.


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