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Date [ 2016-03-12, 03:45 ]
One of the biggest conference and exhibition of the Halal market

(Kuala Lumpur=Koreanpress) Azmi Anuar = This year’s theme for the World Halal Conference is ‘Halal at the Forefront of Economic and Social Change.’

This annual event will be the ninth and the event is under the umbrella of the World Halal Week which will run from March 28 to April 2, 2016. More than 800 halal stakeholders and foreign delegates are expected to participate in the conference which is riding piggyback on the World Halal Week.

Malaysia will therefore have the World Halal Conference on March 30th and 31st. The Halal Industry Development Corporation (HDC) as the forerunner in Malaysia’s halal development, will host the conference.
The two-day conference will focus on various aspects of the halal industry. These will include the challenges facing the global halal economy, the rise of halal e-commerce, new business opportunities, and the need to develop halal based talent.

The Hon. Dato’ Sri Mustapa Mohamed, Minister of International Trade and Industry(MITI) will deliver the keynote address. Other notable figures expected to attend are The Hon. Tun Abdullah Haji Ahmad Badawi, the patron of World Halal Conference, The Hon. Senator Dato’ Sri Abdul Wahid Omar, Minister In Prime Minister's Department of Malaysia and Youth and Sports Minister, Khairy Jamaluddin.

One of the topics that is bound to raise much interest will be the Ministerial Panel. The Minister from MITI, will lead his delegation. Their presentation of the ‘Global Halal Economic Outlook,’ will discuss the impact on the Halal Industry as a consequence of the lacklustre economic forecast of 2016.  

Another interesting focus of the conference will be on ‘E-Commerce and Halal,’ which takes a look at the technology of e-commerce and how it can facilitate the growth of the Islamic Economy.

Other discussions include the ‘Ambassador Panel: Strategic Foresight on Economic & Social Aspects,’ ‘Globalization of Islamic Economy: The Halal Perspectives and Women’s Empowerment,’ just to name a few. 

The panellists will comprise several heads of governments and corporate leaders, including those from the UAE, Turkey, Japan, China, Korea, Qatar, Thailand, the United Kingdom and Indonesia. 

“For many Muslims, halal goes beyond food and trade; it is a way of life. With Malaysia being recognised as the leader in the global halal arena, it is important for us to push forward and align our efforts simultaneously with key players of the industry, in meeting the consumer needs of Muslims worldwide,” informed HDC’s Chief Executive Officer, Dato’ Seri Jamil Bidin.

“This conference seeks to converge and inspire ideas from all around the world in addressing the current issues and challenges as well as incorporating halal perspectives into socio-economic developments,” added Dato’ Seri Jamil. 

It is important that these issues be brought up, for today, the halal industry remains a strong business attraction for not only Muslim but also non-Muslim countries. So it is imperative that every player understand the halal compliancy encompassing all social and welfare needs, from ethical funding and management to finance and supply chains.

For Malaysia, the World Halal Week is a reflection of its continuing efforts to identify the untapped potential of the Halal industry beyond trade and commercial values.

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