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Date [ 2016-03-17, 10:10 ]

Malaysia is a country located in Southeast Asia and is famous for its multicultural society. All Malaysians are exposed to people of different backgrounds and also celebrate different types of cultural festivals as a whole, such as Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Deepavali, Chinese New Year, Christmas, Thaipusam and many more. 

This diversity brings many benefits to the people who live in Malaysia which are not often seen in other countries and the same can be said for an expatriate child that resides in Malaysia.

Because of its cultural diversity, expat children in Malaysia tend to be more understanding towards people of other cultures. The best way to understand the culture of other peoples is to experience it, and with understanding comes respect. This is the opportunity the expat child will be given by living in Malaysia. Most people in Malaysia respect the culture of their neighbours, no matter how different from their own. The expat child will learn to be more open –minded in their formative years, thus having a profound influence on how they view the world and the people in it.

Many people are unaware that Malaysians have a deep respect and abiding love for nature. It is evident in everything they do. An expat child that is fortunate enough to spend some time in Malaysia will see this love for nature expressed every day in first hand. They will see the respect the Orang Asli (the indigenous minority of Malaysia) have for their rainforests which are some of the oldest on Earth.

They will see how their beautiful beaches are treated and if they are fortunate enough, will begin to develop a positive relationship with nature and learn to respect the planet’s natural resources. This will bode well for both the expat child and our planet.

An expat child attending a private school in Malaysia or living and learning at one of the well-respected international boarding schools in Malaysia will also benefit greatly by learning much more than those being taught in the classroom. They will learn to tolerate and respect people’s differences and see the beauty of unique cultures and practices.

They will be multilingual and learn to appreciate diversity. Furthermore, they will begin to assimilate and integrate new cultural elements and customs. This improves the expat’s child’s confidence, international awareness and ability to communicate and socialise with people of different cultural backgrounds. The expat child will also develop a diverse network of friends and contacts that they can call and rely on throughout the rest of their lives.

Living in Malaysia is truly a unique experience and a class of its own. Rarely does someone get to experience such a harmonious relationship with people of other races, cultures and nature. Anyone residing in Malaysia, be it a child or an adult, will truly understand the definition of tolerance and respect. It is a life of peace, happiness and most important of all, a life of unity.(#)

Ms Jane | Principal
JoyKids International Preschool
Enquiries : 03)7728-9955, 012-658-6988
E-mail: info@joykids.my

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