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Date [ 2016-05-16, 08:19 ]

(Johor=Koreanpress) BenJamin Kim = Frost & Sullivan, together with PEMANDU and the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM), has embarked on an ambitious public-private partnership initiative to recognize the efforts of the police in keeping Johor safe.

Mr. Manoj Menon, Senior Partner & Asia Pacific Managing Director, Frost & Sullivan said that as part of the initiative, a Safety Perception Index has been designed to improve collaboration between PDRM and the citizens of Johor to improve community safety, reduce crime and keep Johor safe. The Safety Perception Index is also Frost & Sullivan's way of contributing to the United Against Crime movement spearheaded by PEMANDU.

Dato' Dr Amin Khan, Director, Reducing Crime NKRA, PEMANDU said that it is heartening to see private companies such as Frost & Sullivan working together with PDRM to improve safety in Johor. "We hope to see more of the private sector stepping up and working together with government to improve policing and reduce crime," he added.

Mr. Menon said that the Johor Safety Perception Index has revealed that close to 60% of Johoreans interviewed said that they feel safe in their area of residence.

"There is a higher perception of safety in smaller towns such as Pontian, Muar and Tangkak as compared to a lower perception of safety in bigger cities such as Seri Alam, Iskandar Puteri and Johor Bahru Utara," he added.

He said that smaller towns generally have a higher safety perception due to better community cohesion and closer ties between the community and the police. "In larger cities, people mostly keep to themselves and don't know their neighbors or community well, therefore, the fear of crime is higher," he added.

Mr. Menon also said that 59% of the respondents interviewed are satisfied with the Johor Police efforts in ensuring public safety and 53% are satisfied with the performance of community police posts in their area of residence. However, the Johor Police needs to improve on their friendliness as this is an area that citizens are least satisfied with only 45% of respondents interviewed said that the police are friendly.

He said that Frost & Sullivan has interviewed close to 3,000 Johoreans face-to-face in 13 districts – Johor Bahru Utara, Johor Bahru Selatan, Iskandar Puteri, Seri Alam, Kulai, Pontian, Mersing, Kota Tinggi, Batu Pahat, Kluang, Tangkak, Muar and Segamat - from February to March 2016.

Mr. Menon said that the Safety Perception Index serves as a benchmark for various stakeholders - government agencies, private sector and the police - to improve the perception of safety and actual safety in Johor. He added that the index measures the respondents' fear of the possibility of being a victim of crime and not necessarily that the respondent has or will be a victim.

"At Frost & Sullivan, we believe that improving community safety and crime prevention should be a joint effort between the public and private sectors. We are happy to be able to play a part and contribute to the United Against Crime campaign in a positive manner," he added.

Mr. Menon also said that 74% of the 624 respondents who had filed a police report recently said they were satisfied with the Johor police performance when they were filing a police report.

"87% of the respondents also said they have interacted with their investigation officers and 81% said they have been contacted within 24 hours after lodging their reports," he added.


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