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Date [ 2016-10-25, 03:56 ]
Innovative saver of fuel and exhaust fumes “PLAUMAI” starts up in Southeast Asia market

-  Reduce fuel waste of cars, motorcycles, buses, heavy machineries and ships
-  “Just put it into fuel tank”…Available to use semi-permanently without side effects 
-  A contract for exclusive import and distribution in 10 Southeast Asian countries completed

(Singapore=Koreanpress) KP News Team = A S.Korean developer and manufacturer, PlauMaiEco Co., Ltd. of PLAUMAI CPSULES (Developer and CEO, Mr. Shin Uen-Jang) signed an exclusive contract agreement with Kopess Pte. Ltd. (Managing Director, Mr. John K.T. Kim) for its exportation into 10 Southeast countries for next 10 years on September 18th at Hotel Grand Mercure Singapore Roxy here.

PLAUMAI CAPSULES, an ionizing radiation Ceramic Bars which is comprised of over 37 inorganic mineral substances can maximize the combustion efficiency of more than 70% of the fuel cluster (cluster) to give that fuel savings more than 30%. Pointe Lama, which continues to emit ions in the fuel barrel of whether the vehicle is running or stopped emit far infrared rays and anions per 1cc of about 6,000 units of ultra-high 7 ~ 14㎛ (micrometers) in automotive fuel cell car anion of the general external environment to about 60 compared to the one made more energy clean power space 100x very finely chopped split reducing automobile exhaust.

PLAUMAI is not a fuel additive. The most notable points of this product can be used semi-permanent and its installation is very easy due to its compact size of 1.3cm x 6.8cm x 0.7cm. PLAUMAI cannot be mixed into the combustion chamber at all so there are no side effects to the fuel as well.

Widen the squat Chopped Automotive fuel second fine Gare surface area of contact surface with the oxygen is widened to reduce the activation energy to maximize the combustion efficiency by increasing the electron and ion concentration of the fuel room increasing the burning rate and the fuel economy and the principle of reducing the soot is. 

Therefore, the capsule PLAUMAI is available for all engines using diesel fuel or gasoline fuel cars, such as silk, as well as motorcycles, three-wheelers, vans, buses, Forklifts, heavy equipment, tanks, boilers, ship machinery.

Method of using PLAUMAI is very simple to put the product directly into the fuel tank of any petroleum based power units and bunker C oil based boilers. One PLAUMAI ceramic bar is appropriate for 500cc engine displacement (15L of fuel). For example, 1EA of PLAUMAI for motorcycles with 3~10L fuel tank, 4~6EA for cars(60~80L), 14EA for city buses(200L) and 20EA express buses(300L).

“The main factor of global warming is caused by incomplete combustion fumes of cars among the main culprit of the strong fumes. We expect that PLAUMAI NANO SYSTEM can contribute to solve the reduction of fuel consumption to the effect that dramatically solves the problem of causing increasingly serious in developed and developing countries,” said Mr. Shin Uen-Jang, CEO of PlauMaiEco Co., Ltd.

And also he expected to achieve at least 1 trillion won in total sales from Southeast Asian countries having serious problems on air pollution caused by exhaust fume especially from wide-ranging usage of motorcycles. 

“This is significant in this regard as possibility to create businesses and at the same time contribute to protect global environment by bringing this Korean innovative technology, “PLAUMAI” into this market. We also would like to give priority to Korean-related corporations in selection of exclusive importers/distributors in each 10 countries to take this as an opportunity to participate in Corporate Social Responsibility for Korean community in overseas,” said Mr. John K.T. Kim, Managing Director of Kopess Pte.Ltd.

According to the contract, Kopess Pte.Ltd. has a monopoly on exportation of PLAUMAI CAPSULES to 10 Southeast countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. 


For more information for importation/distribution, please contact to: 
Kopess Pte Ltd (Tel) +65 6850-7623, +65 9121-9599

Countries: Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, the Philippines, Myanmar and Brunei

Website : http://plaumai.com
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