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Date [ 2017-05-20, 04:36 ]
Singapore is now home to the world’s largest luxury car vending machine. Owned by Autobahn Motors, the real-life car collection box can house  60 luxury sports cars from some of the world’s biggest brands.

Imagine a vending machine, but for Ferraris, Lamborghinis Bentleys, and Porsches. It’s the quirky car buying experience you didn’t know you needed. 

15-story tower filled with high-end cars from used car seller Autobahn Motors opened recently in Singapore, according to the company’s website. The structure can hold up to 60 cars, and customers can purchase any vehicle when they visit the tower, the site says.

Touted as the world's largest luxury car vending machine, the tower was created to save space, according to the company. The building’s architecture is similar to that of Carvana in San Antonio, Texas, a company that utilizes an eight-floor system that can house up to 30 cars.

Customers can use a touchscreen on the ground floor of the building to browse through cars, according to Reuters. They can choose whichever car they are interested in, and it will arrive within one to two minutes. Autobahn Motors staff supervise the full experience.

Gary Hong, general manager for Autobahn Motors, told CNNMoney that the vision for the tower came from a display of Matchbox cars he saw while in a toy store with his son. “We decided to build something a bit different to solve the problem,” he said.

While still the world’s tallest, the Singapore car vending machine isn't the only one of its kind. These new designs have appeared in the U.S. and Japan over the last several years.Carvana, an online marketplace for buying used cars in the U.S., has several car vending machines around the country. Customers can pick up their cars at these vending machines or have them delivered.
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