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Date [ 2018-05-10, 20:39 ]
 Trump Twitter  10th may at 10:37 pm announced (Singapore time)  "Kim Jong Un and myself will meet in Singapore on June 12" 

(Singapore=Koreanpress) John Kim = Singapore emerged as the center of world news, including Korea. US President Donald Trump, who has been talking about the venue, has identified Singapore as the venue for the North Korea-United States summit.

President Trump said that the North Korea-United States summit will be held in Singapore on June 12 through his dedicated platform 'Trump tweeter'. "The highly anticipated meeting with Kim Jong-un and myself will be take place in Singapore on June 12th." He promised that the talks would be a very special moment for world peace. Cheong Wa Dae spokesman Kim ei kyum immediately announced a welcome statement on that night and welcomed the North Korea summit to be held in Singapore on June 12.

Panmunjom would have been the best card for Koreans, but Singapore is also not a bad card for the residents of Singapore. Korean media has been reporting that Panmunjom, Singapore, Mongolia, Pyongyang, Switzerland and Guam were the candidates for the summit. Some foreign media said that Thailand and Indonesia government represented they would actively support North Korea summit in case it is held in their country. Then President Trump said in early May, "Why not hold it in Panmunjom?" However, as the White House ministerial meeting confirmed on May 9 that "Panmunjom is not the venue", there has been analysis that Singapore is potential candidate as a neutral zone. 

However, the analysis once went quiet, as Singapore government announced at end of April that they had never received any requests for support from U.S government regarding the North Korea-United States summit. 

It seems that North Korea and the United States have chosen Singapore as their final decision because of its locational advantage. President Trump, who had been involved in the TV reality show, might have calculated that he could raise the attention of the world media with Singapore's accessibility and splendor. Some foreign media reported that Kim Jung-un also did not exclude Singapore as a venue which Donald Trump prefers.

The North Korea-United States summit will be held on June 12 following the "Asia Security Meeting" (Shangri-La Dialogue), an annual security meeting to be held from 1st to 3rd of June at the Shangri-La Hotel in Singapore.
Series of world-class talks are expected to boost the world's attention towards Singapore. Singapore is expected to play an important role in the path of peaceful settlement on the Korean peninsula.

We can look forward to the improvement in relationship between Singapore and South Korea by taking this opportunity of the 
North Korea-United States summit. The Korean Embassy and Korean companies 
in Singapore are also needed to respond actively to the growing interest. 
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