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Date [ 2018-05-11, 11:30 ]
PM, Lee Hsien Loong is scheduled to visit Japan the day before the N. Korea-US summit

(Singapore=Koreanpress) John K.T Kim = Singapore, which was named as the host of the US-North Korea Summit, is excited by defeating last-minute competition with Panmunjom. The Singapore government immediately welcomed the talks on the following day after announcing that the US-North Korea Summit would be held in Singapore. At the same time, the government expressed its willingness to actively support this century's talks.

"The meeting between US President, Donald Trump & N.Korea leader, Kim Jong Un is a significant step on the path to peace," PM, Lee Hsien Loong tweeted. "May it lead to a successful outcome." on May 11. The N. Korea-US Summit was announced by US President Donald Trump on twitter in Singapore time, 10:37 pm the night before. PM Lee Hsien Loong immediately expressed his joy that Singapore being the venue for the talks. However, PM, Lee is scheduled to visit Japan on June 11, the day before the June 12 meeting. There is a great possibility that he will not be able to watch the important talks. Considering that Prime Minister, Lee's schedule for Japan has not changed yet, it is relatively recent that North Korea and the United States have agreed to hold talks in Singapore. Otherwise, the Singaporean government may have rescheduled Prime Minister Lee's visit to Japan.

PM Lee Hsien Loong delivered for a successful N. Korea-US Summit at the Closing Ceremony of the 32nd ASEAN Summit April 2018. He marked, "On the point of North Korea’s denuclearization decision, ASEAN member states have accepted the verdict with open arms and evaluate the recent peace movement on the Korean Peninsula and urge complete denuclearization efforts." He also said "Welcomed the inter-Korean summit and it will be good that the N. Korea-US Summit is held"

However, He answered, "I have never received any proposal from the United States or any other country" as to the question that Singapore is being considered as the venue of the N. Korea-US summit. At the time, both countries did not consider Singapore as a place for talks. According to a senior official of the Korea’s CheongWaDae on May 11, it is relatively recent that Singapore was finally confirmed as the venue for the talks. Although Panmunjom was strong until early May, Korean government had the idea that the venue could be changed at the last minute.

Singapore welcomed the news. Its foreign ministry said in a statement: "We hope this meeting will advance prospects for peace in the Korean Peninsula." Singapore has long been regarded as a venue for world summit.  It is popular that there is Singapore as the venues of international conferences in Asia. In 2015, Singapore hosted the first summit of Chinese President Xi Jinping and Taiwanese former President Ma Ying-jeou.

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