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Date [ 2018-05-13, 05:42 ]

Foreign press concluded that the reason for the N. Korea-US summit to be held in Singapore 

(Singapore = Korean Press) John Kim = The N. Korea-US summit held in Singapore on June 12 has been a hot topic. There is much speculation as to where the meeting will take place, which plane will be used by Kim Jong Eun, and how security will be prepared.As the host of the summit was confirmed to be Singapore on May 10, the footsteps of Korean major press are linking to North Korea’s embassy in Singapore on the 11th.

North Korea’s embassy faces the Singapore Parliament House and is located on the 15th floor No.1 office of the High Street Center Building at 1 North Bridge Road where the financial street Raffles is visible. It is a residential complex, and the building is old and shabby, but it is a great site. In the downstairs of the building, there are a lot of restaurants and shops in the hawker style. The office tower is supposed to use elevators to make it difficult to find the entrance.

On the wall next to the office entrance which is an opaque glass door, there is a nameplate 'EMBASSY OF THE DEMOCRATIC PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF KOREA IN SINGAPORE', which informs the Embassy office. However, the merchants and residents around the office seemed to be unaware that the North Korean embassy is located in the building. On that day, the JoongAng Ilbo reported that a male staff at the embassy said, "Now that the two countries are in negotiation, I can’t say anything. Please expect a lot (about the N. Korea-US Summit). It will be good."

Yonhap News reported that a man who introduced himself as the first secretary of the North Korea Embassy did not hide his expectation of the summit, saying, "It is a hope of both Koreas that the summit are held successfully and peace is coming."

KBS also reported a dialogue with him, "I feel that the South and North Korea have already become unified in my mind. Now, would it not be unified if we try?”

The Chosun Ilbo reported, "The Shangri-La Hotel Singapore, located in the center of 'Orchard Road', 10-minute drive from the North Korean embassy, is considered to be the most likely place for the summit,” and “This is the place where ‘Asia security council', the largest security conference in Asia, was held, and in 2015, the historic first bilateral summit between Chinese President Xi jinping and Taiwanese President Ma Ying-jeou was held here too."

Foreign press concluded that the reason for the N. Korea-US summit to be held in Singapore is that the North Korean and US embassies are all in Singapore, making it easier to prepare for the talks. Singapore is one of the few countries in the world where the North Korean embassy is located in the central business district.In addition, leaders from other countries have already had successful meetings in Singapore several times and Singapore has good diplomatic relations with North Korea and the United States and has gained international trust in security issues.

The diplomatic relations between Singapore and North Korea were established in 1975, the same as in Singapore and Korea, and in the past several years North Koreans have been able to travel to Singapore without a visa. Recently, sanctions on North Korea have been fully implemented, and trade transactions with North Korea have been suspended since last November, but it is still more closely related to Pyongyang than other countries.

The relationship between Singapore and the United States has also remained steadfast since the official diplomatic relationship was established in 1966. Many US companies, including Google and Facebook, have their Asian headquarters in Singapore, and Singapore is providing US naval bases over Southeast Asia.


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