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Date [ 2018-05-13, 05:59 ]
 Korean Press sees that it will be the Marina Bay Sands hotel, which was created as a combination of Korean technology Ssangyong and President Trump's supporter.- Shangri-la hotel built with American capital and Sentosa Resort hotel made with Chinese capital are potential candidates. 

Which hotel will the Summit on June 12 be held?

(Singapore=Koreanpress) John kim = The articles related to the Summit are flooding after US President Donald Trump tweeted at night of May 10 that the N. Korea-US summit will be held in Singapore. Korea, the United States and other foreign presses are reporting various aspects of the meaning, background, and prospects of Singapore being the host. Among them, one of the biggest concerns of hotel officials is which hotel will be for the summit. They are expecting various benefits of becoming the hotel. The hotel will accumulate intangible assets that can be used for future marketing by collecting the know-how of holding the summit. At this time, they would like to become the hotel to host the summit, even if it is a free sponsorship.

The candidates are Shangri-La Hotel, Marina Bay Sands Hotel and Sentosa Resort. First of all, it is the Shangri-La Hotel. The annual 'Shangri-La Dialogue', Asia's largest security conference was held here. This year's meeting will be held on June 1-3 in advance of the N. Korea-US summit. It was also the place where Chinese President Xi jinping and Taiwanese President Ma Ying-jeou held bilateral talks in 2015. It means that it has the ability to hold international conferences.

Marina Bay Sands Hotel is also a strong candidate. It boasts outstanding views and unique models, making it an ideal place to consider the angle of a broadcast camera. It is the best site to concentrate the attention of the world media in a short time. Also, it is considering the style of President Donald Trump, who has often summoned other leaders like Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to his own resort.  Sheldon Adelson, who runs the hotel, is the sponsor of President Trump. They know each other. It is then possible to imagine the possibility that President Trump gave a promise to President Alekson that he would "meet the North Korean leader there." Considering the nature of the Summit, where security is vital, it will be easier for a patron to operate.

Sentosa resort does not fall in aspect of hotel career and security. It is located on an island far from the mainland and is easy to control. It is understandable considering Walkerhill Hotel as a preferred venue for major talks in Seoul. Walkerhill Hotel is located near Mount Athachan because it is easy to control. However, there is not much room to choose Sentosa Resort just because of security. Singapore has excellent government functions, so everywhere is safe. Moreover, the resort was built with Chinese capital, so President Trump might not like it because Americans will watch the summit.

Korean Press is watching the situation before and after the summit meeting very closely with  Korean journalists who cover in Singapore. Since the country for the Summit has been decided, we immediately called the appropriate hotels and made coverage. All three are good candidates, but I would like to recommend Marina Bay Sands Hotel because it was built by Korean construction, Ssangyong E & C in 2010. If the summit is held at Marina Bay Sands, lots of foreign presses would report about the construction company of the hotel. And then the world would remind Korea's contribution for the N. Korea-US summit.

I went out to cover the news on May 11th in order to find out which hotel will host the summit. Marina Bay Sands Hotel was the only place that responded that there are no rooms available on June 12. Other hotels are still able to book rooms for group guests. Looking around the Marina Bay Sands Hotel on May 12, the number of security seemed to have increased significantly. I wonder which hotel is going to be the throne ahead of the unprecedented event of the N. Korea-US summit.


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